The Treasure House Church
Welcome Youth
Camp Ephesians is a summer camp for children, youth, and teens ages 4-19. Camp Ephesians offers activities, classes, field trips, breakfast, lunch, and snacks.
The Focus
To make the youth members of the church stronger in their Christian beliefs. Also to bring spiritual awareness and moral values to the youth and teens in the surrounding homes and apartment complexes. 
The Treasure House Youth Leaders and teachers use an unlimited amount of resources to accomplish this goal. The Bible is the primary tool, with the emphasis on the book of Ephesians. Other methods like visual aids, educational movies, skits, books dealing with specific topics/issues, and one-on-one Biblical counseling ensures a great success rate. 
To reach as many you and teens in the surrounding communities by continuing to visit the homes, the apartment complexes and the local alternative school.
To bring Salvation to the lost. That the youth and teens will have godly character. To make a reputable change in their lives and the community. To make them leaders, with them being equipped and inspired to teach and inspire their peers. Overall making them productive Christian citizens in today’s society.